Connectedness Locus

Connectedness Locus is an electronic musician heralding from the northern wastes of Illinois. Tyler Etters began the project in 2007 after realizing that electronic music was the most fertile and engaging of all imaginative disciplines.

Work began immediately. Ancient loops: exhumed. New melodies: synthesized. Phat beats: sequenced. Resampled samples: resampled. Approximately two years of such experimentation and tinkering resulted in As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count, Connectedness Locus’s first full length album. Indeed, the CD plays like an ethereal document of the apocalypse; a molten cornucopia of samples, stuttering percussives and phantasmal drones. A lingering sense of unease and mystery oozes from the tracks, undoubtedly a direct reflection of dark circumstances surrounding the artists life at the time. As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count was released under the Endless Field Studios imprint for free download on September 1, 2009 in both MP3 and FLAC formats. A limited edition run of 88 CDs with hand crafted and painted packaging soon followed.

The advent of live performances brought about a developed arsenal of imagery and visuals. Original photographs (shot with film, no less), video loops, typographic abstractions and animations are regularly projected during Connectedness Locus shows. As a gentleman’s challenge, the musician conducted this and numerous ensuing shows without the aid a laptop.

When the Paint Peels, the second offering from Connectedness Locus, marked a noted divergence from the previous album. Two lonely chords loop for the duration of the track as glacial drones melt in and out of suspended animation. The song was produced and engineered by Isaac Pierce of ten-speed fame and recorded entirely on reel-to-reel – a stark contrast to the 100% digital production of As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count. When the Paint Peels was released digitally on February 18, 2010 on Endless Field Studios.

Terraforms, the second full length album from Connectedness Locus, was released during the summer of 2011 on Endless Field Studios. The album was made available for download immediately following the artist’s first sighting of Perseids Meteorites. A ‘strictly limited’ run of 100 artifact-albums were produced: each contained a CD, a booklet of esoteric nature, a poster, and a unique 35mm negative. The creation of Terrafroms began before As Quippolous Codes Quietly Count was even finished and before When the Paint Peels was even imagined. The music largely revolves around haunting motifs, scrupulous timbral interactions and extensive resampling. Experimental sequencing, granular synthesis, vinyl sampling, live instrumentation, classical analog synthesis and circuit bending are just a few of the techniques enlisted to create the rich sonic palette of Terraforms.