Lunar Day

Paul Petrosyan (a.k.a. Lunar Day) commands abrasions, distortions, and static to demanifest into the mathematical noise of No One Needs Proof. The album calls upon images of cities being consumed by dusty solar flares, of clockwork golems banging out rhythms on salvaged machinery, of distance and time. A carefully calculated series of audio creation, deconstruction and reinterpretation plays out like a like a scientist growing fungal colonies in orbit around a black hole. It is lovely, it is violent, it is Lunar Day. Silhouettes of Dust the lastest album from Lunar Day was released in 2011.

Paul began the project in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in 2006, and so far has worked with Kevin Clark and Dorian Zdrinc (Sioum), Matthew Brakel (Pstetwoo, Bridges of Königsberg),Beth Hoffman(Bridges of Königsberg), Tyler Etters (Connectedness Locus, Everything Comes In Cycles; Everything Fades In Shades), John Lovetron de Jesus, and Alan Wendricks (Randomly Assorted Angels).