the northern information movement

the northern information movement

“the geometrie of our lost cause” – the first release from Tyler Etters, is split into two 15 minutes songs and released on digital and cassette. Listen to the first track and it’s easy to understand why the artist chose this imperfect medium for the physical release. The album has a timeless quality to it. It breathes and has a soul. The first piece, “immemorial” is an ever-changing semi-ambient track that feels very introverted, almost like Tyler is searching for something within himself. The second piece, “generative,” is an experiment in algorithmically generated music. Tyler meticulously bounced down 100 different versions of “generative” to cassette tape. As cassettes are purchased, the correlating versions of “generative” become unlocked for everyone else to download. Tyler Etters’ first release is a beautiful display of how electronic music can still be sincere and uninhibited. Recommended for fans of Brian Eno, Tim Hecker, and GY!BE.